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2009 Linux Plumbers Conference Call For Topics

Last year’s Linux Plumbers Conference covered a range of exciting topics such as power management, video integration, SSD’s, audio, and fast boot. This year the LPC program committee invites the community to submit ideas for topics for microconferences. All users, vendors and developers are welcome. Topics should relate to the Linux kernel and related support infrastructure, or “plumbing”, such as system libraries, daemons, scripts, desktop libraries, window managers, and so on.

In addition, good topics will cut across community boundaries, and should generate beneficial change. For example, a microconf on how to use the Linux kernel’s RCU implementation would be a poor choice for the Linux Plumbers Conference because (1) it is wholly contained within the Linux kernel, (2) it is of interest to a fairly small subset of even the kernel community, and (3) it simply describes what is already present in the kernel rather than motivating substantial widely visible improvements.

Microconferences will be a half day in length (2.5 hours), so good topics should involve multiple viewpoints, generate productive discussions, and, most important, result in real patches that make the Linux plumbing work better in a widely visible way. Each microconference will need a “runner” to run the microconference, including refining the topic, selecting speakers, and actually running the microconference. We of course welcome topic suggestions from people who don’t want to actually be the runner for the microconference, but topics lacking runners cannot be accommodated.

Feel free to review the microconferences from 2008 and to refer to an example description and schedule. Please post your suggestions as a comment to the article.

There will be a more formal Call For Participation posted in April, however, in keeping with the spirit of the Linux Plumbers Conference, we are starting out a bit informally. Microconference proposals that garner sufficient interest and support and that seem likely to have a good effect on the plumbing will be included in the formal Call For Participation along with the contact information for the runner for that microconference. Please note that a number of microconference slots will be reserved for late-Summer decisions in order to ensure focus on topics that are hot during the September 23rd—25th timeframe when the conference will be held.

Again, please submit topic ideas as comments to the article.


Linux Plumbers Conf- huge success and looking to 2009

Linux Plumbers Conf was a huge success due to the huge effort put forth by the organizers and the great turnout of attendees. Thanks everyone!

For those who weren’t able to make it LWN has a collection of good wrap-up articles on the front page. Also, we will be posting videos of select talks in the next few days- keep an eye on this blog for details.

Looking towards LPC 2009

Next year we would like to get other people involved in the conference organization and planning. If you are interested in helping please register for the 2008 WRAP PARTY / 2009 Kickoff taking place this Friday September 26th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Portland’s Andina’s Restaurant – 2nd floor (above the restaurant).